Left v. Right: Who’s got the biggest social guns?

Each day, NewsWhip gathers piles of data on the social metrics around each news story. We publish the tip of the iceberg on NewsWhip, and give professionals a deeper look into the data through Spike.

We took a sample of a week in the life of some of the leading left- and right-wing news sources we track. Our sample selection was based on sources that are (i) US-based, (ii) obviously liberal/progressive (left) or conservative (right), and (iii) trend a good bit on our own front page. After running the leading sources for a Sunday to Sunday period – October 21 to 27 – here are our winners:

(As you may notice, our bubbles in section 1 are not to scale, the numbers tell the story.)

Overall, the left is beating the right – largely because of the sheer heft of The Huffington Post, on which we’ve published data before. The HuffPo is a social distribution┬ábehemoth.

On the right side, The Blaze is making up serious ground. Many of the conservative sites that are getting traction there are new, including Twitchy.com, which tends to focus on Twitter conversations and turn these into shareable news stories.┬áThe biggest conservative news source, The Drudge Report, isn’t represented as it doesn’t publish any news for us to track.

We’ve deliberately excluded plenty of “mainstream media” sources that people on either side might consider to be biased the other way. I think if we get too far into the middle, it becomes very debatable whether a source is left or right. Whatever color your glasses are tinted, we hope you can agree that the above sources skew one way or the other.

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Paul Quigley

Paul Quigley is CEO and Co-Founder of NewsWhip, a social signals platform used by media and marketing professionals. Paul blogs about major trends in journalism, media and social signals technology, and his opinions have been featured at AdAge, AdWeek, Columbia Journalism Review, Independent, Irish Times, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and Yahoo!

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