We’re looking for a fantastic java developer

We’re looking for a whip-smart developer to join team NewsWhip and help us build and scale our technology platform. The successful candidate will have experience executing rapidly from concept to completion, and an ability to get to the root of a problem and fix it. They’ll have good communication skills, and be ready to get to work in our fast moving startup environment.

Job description:

NewsWhip tracks the news shared by a billion people on Facebook and Twitter. We have a unique news site (called NewsWhip) and a professional SaaS tool used by many of the world’s leading news companies (called Spike). We have other great tools in our pipeline.

We have many projects and improvements we’d like to implement and not enough time. This job will involve learning our platform and getting to work on optimising it, adding features, and solving the inevitable bugs that arise. You’ll work closely with our CTO, Andrew.

Required Skills:

A strong understanding of Java, mySQL and web development.

Preferred Skills and experience:

We think the right person for this job will have a couple of years of work experience under their belt, but we’re open to being convinced by anyone who has demonstrated their ability in other ways.

  • A good understanding of CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Java multithreading and debugging large multithreading applications
  • Database structure and performance
  • EC2 technologies
  • Struts


The experience you’ll get with a rapidly growing startup is second to none. We think deeply about our business and industry and every day make dozens of decisions on design, priorities, sales, and marketing. We’re the first movers in a space that (we think) will be huge in the future.

You’ll be coding and building, but also have input on decisions on how our platform operates, what we can do, and how we can push out the limits of what NewsWhip’s technology is capable of.

We work in DogPatch Labs, in a building full of other dynamic startup companies, all trying to conquer the world with new technologies and ideas. Coffee, beer, snacks and fresh fruit are all supplied for free. It’s a great place to be.


We will pay a salary that’s competitive with what you’d earn working at a corporate firm, and also offer participation in the NewsWhip Employee Stock Ownership Plan, giving you a slice of any action that might come down the road.

How do I apply?

Please send a one-page resume and one-page cover letter to our CTO Andrew – andrew@newswhip.com. The job application period runs from November 13th to December 15th.

If you’re shortlisted, you’ll hear from us. Interviews will take place in early January and the successful candidate will begin work by the start of February.

Thanks very much for reading – and if this job isn’t for you, we’d be grateful if you’d pass it on to someone you know who fits the bill!